How it works



To conduct a successful development project, we must, to get out of the project, first carefully find out what you as a customer really want, what goals do you have and what values you seek.

We find this in a preliminary study. It may be more or less extensive.



After the preliminary study we will provided a more detailed pricing and will proceed with the design and then move to production.

During our execution we can work in different project models. For most projects, it works best to work agile, we use Scrum and the Jira tool.



We ensure that all the goals and expectations that we established together during the preliminary study are met. We create checklists and submit a final report.

Over the course of the course, new ideas have been developed so that they can be taken together so that we can make a plan for the future of your web.



Ticket scanning, Kulturcentralen

Being able to validate tickets at the entrance is important when you are organizing a public event. This scanning appliance eliminates the purchase or rental of expensive scanning equipment and is also directly linked to the Cultural Center's database for real-time verification of the ticket. This app is like all our apps made to fit both iOS and android units.


Error report, UMOR AB

In this app, the customer takes a picture of the damage / object that needs to be addressed. Enter their contact information and a case is made of umor. Using the built-in features of the phone for direct customer benefit is what characterizes a well-designed app. This app is like all our apps made to fit both iOS and android units.