Subscription billing system


Project Summary

Shortly about what Fortnox is a subscription management app that helps customers know what orders have been placed. It is also an invoicing system.

Branding, Idenity, Web Design, UX / UI

Fortnox is a system where customers can keep track of their subscriptions and orders. This program is a cloud-based platform that meets the needs of small businesses and accounting firms. Fortnox also has an invoicing system that is filled in manually every month. Which of course helps the customer to keep track of their bookings. We at Elsewhere created a cloud / web-based system to save and send subscriptions to the billing system. The user adds, updates and deletes subscriptions daily. The system can also help the customer choose which subscriptions are to be invoiced and keep track of when invoicing is to be done next time.


  • Selecting and verifying subscriptions for billing
  • Updating subscriptions
  • Sending invoices to Fortnox via API
  • Ip restrictions

Project Api's / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

The most important thing in a ticket scanning system is speed. In this case the whole app must be slimlined to give all the power that the mobile divese can give to using the camera and analyzing the image. After that the second most important thing is for the app to comunicate with the central database to verify the code just beeing scanned. In this the comunication with the server side api must be super swift.

Flexibility to Technologies

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Microsoft Server

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