Project Summary

Branding, Idenity, Web Design, UX/UI

A platform combined with multiple services. The platform provides a PCI compliant payment gateway to be used by businesses. It provides mobile ordering solution.

It has stored value services in terms of loyalty programs, gifts cards and reward programs to help businesses, college and universities, hotels, hospitals and many more provide unique value to those they serve.



  • SaaS-based stored-value payments & loyalty platform
  • Rewards types: point rewards, visit rewards, deal, prize and coupon
  • Closed loop payment transaction flow
  • Loyalty card will be distributed to end user for getting max and encourage them to spend money to get rewards on visit and expenditures.

Project Api's / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

Core understanding of the entire business system (own revenue model).Issue tracking and SPA using KnockOut.JS

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