Comprehensive Training Platform App


Project Summary

A training app that is fast, simple and flexible application that contains lots of fun within training. The application offers clips, motivation, personal trainers and lots more.

This is a training app that contains more than 700 different types of exercises and workouts, that are also filmed and shared. In addition, it offers approximately 2400 trainers and personal trainers who can be available for support.

Unique app:

A unique app that helps people get started with training or helps people develop in training. What this training app offers are a lot of features, such as GPS tracking for cycling, walking, swimming, paddling, etc. A feature that is very smart that is on the app is that you can share clips, motivation and statistics with your friends, through this you can help your friend to get started with the training or maybe just motivate them.

Apple store:

The app is available on the Apple Store.


  • Comprehensive calorie tracker with a curated database and barcode scanning capabilities.
  • Sleep tracking tool.
  • Leaderboard:add friends and motivate each other.
  • GPS tracking so you can run/bike/walk/paddle-board.
  • Goal tracking and reporting progress in from of graphs.
  • Integration with Apple Health App for premium plans.

Project Api’s / 3rd Party Tools


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