EV-charging Billing System


Project Summary

The creation and goal behind this EV charging system that is suitable for both property owners and tenants.

Branding, Identity, Web Design, UX / UI

We at Elsewhere have created an EV charging system that takes care of the use of the EV charger, for property owners who want to charge for the use of EV chargers. However, they do not want a vending machine that charges for the use, instead we created a billing system that is connected to the EV charger.

How does it work?

The EV charging system provides tag access that controls the billing charges and which also collects all data. All data is registered in the machine and then sends an invoice every month to the property owner. The invoice is based on the user’s use, ie how long the electric car owner uses the EV charge.

The idea and the goal behind this EV-charging:

Through this EV charging system, it prohibits free use and which should only be used for renters who own their own electric car/s. Not only that, the idea is that the owner of the electric car will not have to park the car longer than it is needed. The goal behind creating an EV charging system is to make it as easy as possible for both the tenants but also the property owners.


Bapsi connect


Billing collection


Invoice generation


Project Api's / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

The major challenge was to actually listen to the Bapsi traffic and understanding the codes being sent. Once understanding the data we could filter out the relevant information and use it to keep track of the usage of the EV-chargers.


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