Event Ticket Scanning


Project Summary

It´s an app called Kultur Centralen which is simle app that scans participants' tickets, via a QR code. This app is thus an event ticket scanning that makes it easier for staff to scan participants' QR codes.

Branding, identity, web design, UX / UI

Kultur Centralen’s app:

Participants check in to their event through a QR code is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get people through the door to your event, thanks to today’s technology. This app makes it even easier as you do not need a specific computer that registers participants’ tickets.

Elsewhere and Kultur Centralen helped each other:

Kultur Centralen is an app that we at Elsewhere have helped to create and develop. It is downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet to be able to scan the tickets. It could not be smoother and easier than that. Standing in line can be quite hard and tiring to have to check in to the event, it can also be a bit boring. Therefore, the app has been created to skip long queues and go faster, but also to get your participants a better and positive experience. This is your first impression of the participants before their event starts, thanks to this event ticket scan.

Check-in via QR code:

With the help of the app, participants can bring out their mobile phones or tablets to display their QR codes, for a quick check-in. Print tickets work the same way, they show the QR code on their ticket, personally scan it and ready! Check-in is complete and the staff is already on to the next person in line.  


  • Scanning QR-codes
  • Scanning Bar-codes
  • Manual entering of bookings number
  • Scanning for multiple events at same time
  • Check in check out
  • Cloud verify for multiple entrances

Project Api’s / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

The most important thing in a ticket scanning system is speed. In this case the whole app must be slimlined to give all the power that the mobile divese can give to using the camera and analyzing the image.

After that the second most important thing is for the app to comunicate with the central database to verify the code just beeing scanned.

In this the comunication with the server side api must be super swift.


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