June 28, 2019

Event marketing and ticket selling platform


Branding, Idenity, Web Design, UX/UI

We created a full grown event management and marketing product for the customer. Theater, concerts, competitions, conferences.

To make your event a success, there are many puzzle pieces that will have to fall into place. Sales and payments usually take a lot of time and energy and just think of all invoices, diplomas and attendance lists to be arranged. With Eventry you can do all this in a snap.

Eventry provides you with a complete tool for both private and public events that you easily manage online. Your event gets spread and becomes searchable, you can simplify and increase your sales and also get statistics.

You can also fix nameplates and manage diplomas via the tool. Simply a very flexible and useful system for managing your events and getting satisfied participants!


  • Event marketing
  • Attendance registration
  • Card payments
  • Swish payments
  • Tickets, E-tickets, mobile-tickets
  • Ticket scanning
  • Invoices and Receipts
  • Surveys

Project Api's / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

Implementimg solr to search various database and show result and add to calender functionality created no third party tool used

Flexibility to Technologies










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