Project Summary

It is a business based in Germany for GPS tracking and fleet management. They have two similar types about the site with the same services. They mainly provide services to transportation, healthcare, business and the construction industry.


The main goal for the customer is to focus on transport, healthcare, companies and the construction industry. They have created a strategy to focus on these domains.

We’ve done an in-depth keyword analysis for local searches (mainly Germany) and completed some business specific keywords with low competition and more searches.

Formulated another type of link building strategy with which we can target different places in Germany and achieve ranking for.

Used content written in German and published it on specific websites to get back link as well as traffic.

Made email marketing and email marketing to get more leads. Results: -70% of website traffic increases.

Achieved top ranking for keywords.

  • Route control.
  • Fleet management.
  • Vehicle positioning system.
  • GPS anti-theft device.

Technical challenges

Focus on Germany through organic SEO. Finding a good German website for posting and sharing content.

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