June 28, 2019



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The cusomer had an classic xls file to keep track of all their subscriptions and orders. Monthly manually lifting row by row into the billingsystem, Fortnox. Fortnox is a cloud-based platform that meets the needs of small businesses and accounting agencies for programs and services that can manage their finances efficiently. We created a cloud/Web based system to hold and push subscriptions to the billing system. The user adds, uppdates and removes subscriptions on a daily basis. The system helps the customer to select and verify subscriptions that are going to be billed and keeps track of when to do the billing the next time.


  • Selecting and verifying subscriptions for billing
  • Updating subscriptions
  • Sending invoices to Fortnox via API
  • Ip restrictions

Project Api's / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

In this system, it is important that everything is 100% correct. When it comes to large amounts of invoice lines, even a small error can be fatal. As this is a large amount of data, it is important that the system is easy to work with and that there are functions for changing many lines at the same time.

Flexibility to Technologies





Microsoft Windows Server

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