Addiction Recovery System


Project Summary

A care system for addicts who have a recovery program (EHR / Journal system). The program is for the rehabilitation of addicts.

It´s a cloud-based addiction recovery program EHR software for detoxification, sleep care, day care, recovery center, relapse prevention and intensive care outpatient addiction. This program have multiple good functions that helps clients and patients. The features that includes comprehensive customizable treatment planning and many more.

Scroll down a little bit to read more  about the features.


  • Connecting patients and clinicians through mobility and proactive alerts.
  • Web and mobile-based application used by the clinician, office staff, patient and family members.
  • Comprehensive customizable treatment planning.
  • Integrated clinical with a multi-disciplinary master treatment plan and bed management.
  • HL7 Integration – integrated labs – Bi-directional connection to 3rd party lab companies.
  • Business intelligence and reporting tools – monitoring and tracking, remote medication checking, and patient wellbeing and engagement with the use of devices.
  • Reporting dashboard and extensive scheduling and roster management with a front desk and group scheduling.

Project Api's / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

  • WorkFlow Engine, Smart Forms.
  • Device integration for monitoring.
  • HL7 integration.

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