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We at Elsewhere are a development company for mobile apps that help you complement your products and services with a modern app. Nowadays, it is almost a must for you as a product and service provider to also have an app in the offer. We find ways for you to connect all the mobile phone's possibilities with GPS, camera, position sensors and personal data with your services and needs.


Build, Enhance or Evolve Your Mobile Solution

Since we are a development company for, among other things, mobile apps and our way of working where we work with scrum, you as a customer decide which parts are the most important to you. We work agile with the Scrum method. This together with the tool Microsoft Dev Ops which is a system both for a development process but also a management and operational process.

App Design

Together with your graphic profile and a flow chart, we then design all the views available in the app.

These views are then the basis for the work of manufacturing the app.


Android and Kotlin in Android Studio

Kotlin's modern language features allow us to focus on expressing your ideas and writing less code.

Java is the most widely used language for Android development, but that does not mean that it is always the best choice. Java is old and has been slow to modernize. That is why we use Kotlin as a complement. Android Studio offers first-class support for Kotlin. It even has built-in tools to help us convert Java-based code to Kotlin.


iOS and Swift 5 in Xcode

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and more..

Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and Swift includes modern features that we developers love. Swift code is secure in design, but also produces software that runs at lightning speed. With a completely new design that looks good on macOS Big Sur, Xcode has customizable font sizes for the navigator, streamlined code addition and new document tabs. Xcode builds Universal apps by default to support Macs with Apple Silicon, often without changing a single line of code.



Scrum is a methodology for system development.

The benefit of scrum is the focus on business benefits and the opportunity to change the project in a structured way. In scrum, there is not a classic requirements specification, but instead you have a backlog. In short, a backlog is a priority and living list of wishes. The development is conducted in cycles (Sprints) in two weeks where after each sprint you have something to show you as a customer.The development is conducted in cycles (Sprints) in two weeks where after each sprint you have something to show you as a customer.


Agile Development

Can you as a supplier give a fixed price for an assignment where you work with scrum and agile development?

Yes, we offer a fixed price for completing a certain number of sprints. By estimating the backlog, you can find out how many sprints should be required. You as a customer make sure to prioritize the requirements that exist. If the team has time to do more than expected, more requests from the backlog can be implemented. If the team does not have time to deliver what is expected, the lowest priority requests will fall away.


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