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Web Development


With over 20 years as a web developer, we have done most things.

One of our great strengths is our ability to find a solution that helps you achieve your goals. The website must be an obvious tool for you when you have to convey your message to customers and interested parties and for you to find new customers.

Work methods

With our way of working where we work with scrum, you as a customer decide which parts are the most important to you.

We work agile with the Scrum method. This together with the tool Microsoft Dev Ops, which is a system both for a development process but also a management and operating process.

Web design

We usually produce 3 different design proposals based on elements and inspiration chosen by you. Based on these, we work our way to a final design together. Then it is the site structure that is next. Here we look at the menu, which pages are to be created and which elements are to be included in any headers and footers for the page.



Umbraco is a CMS from Denmark and has its origins in Scandinavian simplicity. With the aim of creating a user experience that is designed to optimize flows and create and manage your content – neither more nor less.
This means that it is intuitive, simple and fast, so you never have to wait for a preview or publication of your content. Umbraco is an open source tool and is free to download, use and further develop. This means that you do not have to worry about licensing costs for Umbraco.


Umbraco is our first choice due to its simplicity for the user, the way to develop and also that it is suitable for both small websites and large multinational and multilingual.


Elsewhere AB is a Swedish partner of Umbraco.


WordPress is the host’s most used CMS. With its plethora of ready-made modules and additions, it is excellent for most needs. WordPress is an open source tool and is free to download, use and further develop. This means that you do not have to worry about licensing costs for WordPress.
We are happy to develop a WordPress page for you who are used to the tool and need to get started quickly.



Scrum is a methodology for system development. An advantage of scrum is the focus on business benefits and the opportunity to change the project in a structured way. In scrum, there is not a classic requirements specification, but instead you have a backlog. In short, a backlog is a priority and living list of wishes.
The development is conducted in cycles (Sprints) in two weeks where after each sprint you have something to show for you as a customer.


Can you as a supplier give a fixed price for an assignment where you work with scrum and agile development?

Yes, we give a fixed price for completing a certain number of sprints. By estimating the backlog, you can find out how many sprints should be required. You as a customer make sure to prioritize the requirements that exist. If the team has time to do more than expected, more requests from the backlog can be implemented. If the team does not have time to deliver what is expected, the lowest priority requests will fall away.


Umbraco is built in Microsoft .NET which is a Windows system and needs a place to live. The most common Umbraco hosting is on Microsoft’s servers in Azure Cloud but can be deployed on our servers or other web hosting with Windows compatibility.


We will continuously work towards our development server where you can follow the work with your website. When we are done with the project, we will move the finished website to a server where the website will be published.

After that, you will be able to start the editorial work of writing the initial texts and also work with the content continuously in the future.

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