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Laundry room billing system

Laundry Room

Branding, Idenity, Web Design, UX/UI

We created a system that take cares of the billing of laundry room usage.

Many property owners would like to bill for the usage of the laundry room but naturally they do not want a coin/token system.

We created a system that connects a booking system with the actual door tag access control. The combination of thees two systems we can monitor the actual usage of the laundry rooms.

The system collects all the data and once per month sending the correct usage to the property billing system.

Doing usage billing saves both the environment and frees up the bookings of the laundry room. This is since you do not want to pay for something that you do not use and when you use it you tend to fill up the machines more efficient.


  • Bapsi connect
  • Billing collection
  • Invoice generation

Project Api's / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

The major challenge was to actually listen to the Bapsi traffic and understanding the codes being sent. Once understanding the data we could filter out the relevant information and use it to keep track of the usage of the laundry rooms.

Flexibility to Technologies



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