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Telemedicine App

Addiction recovery EHR Solution

Telemedicine App uses telecommunication and IT to provide remote clinical health care services. The main issues that it resolves are to overcome distance barriers and to improve access to medical services. A patient can communicate and consult with the doctor via video conferencing and chat message.


  • Provide benefits to patients like time-saving, reduce travel expense for minor consultation, privacy, connectivity to the doctors worldwide.
  • Increased revenue for physicians and improved office efficiency, answering to the competitive threat of retail health clinics and online providers.
  • Better patient follow through and improved health outcomes, fewer missed appointments and cancellations.
  • Drug Bank association to get medicine database.
  • Efficient chat system using
  • Provides device data and vitals, medical history, chief complaint, medications and allergies, SOAP notes, eRx.

Project Api’s / 3rd Party Tools

Technical Challenges

  • Creating microservice architecture, API for eRx




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