Our approach to building successful software

June 13, 2019

When building software you always want to focus on the target. In most cases you do not know all the details that leads to know how to reach the goal, or are not aware of where you are going after you have reached the goal.

We combine your vision, produce a system that expands beyond the goal that you have.



Vision and direction are the first things that we need to establish and to understand. Since we use Agile development we need to define a clear business need or vision that the project is addressing.

We need to answer why we are planning to do this project. This is the system in the big picture but is a must to have, this vision is penetrating the whole work along the line.



At this stage, the product owner creates a high-level timetable for the release of working software.

Because Agile projects will have multiple releases, you’ll want to prioritize the features needed to get you to launch first.



Once the project have made its release it is often important to expand and refine the software.

Most software, web based and mobile needs to be updated and improved to maintain the customers attraction and also to not be obsolete due to competitors improved solutions.

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