We are moving to Spaces

January 16, 2020


We at Elsewhere AB are moving to Spaces, which means a lot to us and we thank you them for their trust. Spaces is a large company that rents out premises for people who have ideas and goals that want to be fulfilled. They thus help to build people’s companies with the help of their wishes.



Their concepts and premises will be a good solution for our future growing needs, as their offices and workplaces are located in more than 250 cities around the world. Spaces is a company that helps all kinds of companies, from small to large companies. They also make sure to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs at a large company achieve their goals.

Thanks to their dynamic workspaces with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, they can help with thinking, creating and collaborating on everything while their team takes care of all services and logistics. That mans we at Elsewhere are moving to Spaces is an honor for us.

Their program:

Their energetic community of positive and open business talents leads them to and they also love meeting new people, which is a bonus. Not only that, they are also willing to help people achieve their desires and ideas, which is what Spaces stands for.

Their program is simply based on professional events and convenience services. In addition, their business clubs are inspiring and sophisticated by European design. Spaces think that energy plays a big role and that people feel at home.

Thanks to Media City Evolution:

We would also like to thank Media City Evolution for the time in their premises. We will still be a part of their amazing community and will certainly visit some of the many morning seminars they have.


From April 1st you can find us here: Nordenskiöldsgatan 11
211 19 Malmö, Sweden


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