Web Summit returns and we will be there!

September 29, 2021

Web Summit is back!

The Web Summit, which is the world’s most influential technology event, is officially back. They have published the first set of speakers for their first IRL event in two years.


A company originating in Dublin, Ireland that holds events and conferences for lovers of technology. This company holds its events all over the world, such as in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo and Toronto. This time, the Web Summit is back in Lisbon, Portugal. . This company is Web Summit.

Several news by different companies around the world have thought that Web Summit has done a good job. For example, Politico has said that we run “the world’s foremost technology conference”, the Antlantic thinks that the Web Summit is “where the future goes to be born” and the New York Times expresses itself as “a large association of the technology industry’s high priest”.

In a long period of doubt for many industries and for the world itself, Web Summit has brought together the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, decision-makers and heads of state for a simple question: where should we go next?

To continue the tradition we started a few years ago, we at Elsewhere in early November will temporarily move our office to Lisbon.

Comedian Amy Poehler, Microsoft CEO Brad Smith, EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager and football player Gerard Pique will join 1000+ speakers, 1250+ startups, 1500+ journalists and 700+ investors who will discuss technology, society and more. of the Web Summit’s stages in the Lisbon Altice Arena, 1-4 November 2021.

See you there!

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